What is Slow Food?

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Grow your own Slow Food

There are several answers that describe slow food.  It depends who you ask.  If you are impatient and you are at a restaurant with slow service, you might be inclined to assume that is “slow food.”  If you really don’t like fast food, you might want to focus on the exact opposite and look for “slow food.”  For purposes of this website, we are talking about food that is grown, harvested, prepared cooked and eaten without any involvement of packaging or processing and hopefully little transportation as well.  You could say this site is about slow and local food since they both have tremendous benefits to those who partake of this way of eating and living.  When you grow your own food or buy from local farmers, you’ll often get organic produce that uses little or no petroleum-based fertilizers.  Therefore, we’re talking about slow, local, organic food.

Why Slow Food?

Slow food is healthier than fast or processed food. If you prepare and eat it in a healthy way that retains most of its original nutrients you can really benefit from slow food.

Slow, local, organic food saves energy and petroleum. It is good for your health and good for our environment.

Slow food tastes better and is fun to grow and harvest.  There is nothing like a home-grown heirloom tomato picked fresh and eaten right away.  Picking and eating fresh sugar snaps from the vine is a real treat

Shopping at local organic farmer’s markets and meeting local farmers is fun and helps you to get to know an important group of folks in your community.

How do I find Slow Food?

If you’ve never had your own vegetable garden, a great way to start eating slow food is to go to the Local Harvest website and search for farmers in your area.  This site is a great resource for finding farmers and markets that are near where you live.

Technically, you can get started with slow food by cutting back on how often you eat at restaurants and try to be more discerning about where you go when you eat out.  Many communities have healthy, organic restaurant options to choose from that is better for you and better than your typical fast food restaurant.

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